At C. M. Brake, we spent decades developing what we believe to be the best friction in the industry. In order to accomplish that, we had to come up with the right tools.

One of the tools used to proof out our formulation recipe designs was a wear versus temperature performance test. The procedure not only looks at coefficient of friction at various operating temperatures, but due to the fact that it is a constant output test, we can compare performance and wear of products, ”apples to apples” so to speak

The chart depicted here is a compilation of test results of C.M. Brake friction compounds as well as competitor products. In a lab environment, it is clearly evident that our products are unsurpassed in the wear category.

We understand that in the real world, our products are subjected to the elements and other maintenance related issues. In order to add insurance that our products will live to standards that exceed expectations, we have come to the market with a complete shoe assembly with minimized dimensional tolerances. We know from experience that poor initial contact is a major cause of brake failure including premature wear. That is the reason that we maximize the initial contact with our exclusive TRU-FIT shoe grind process. Because we are the brake lining manufacturer and shoe assembler, we are the only company to make that claim!

Wear Chart