The Problem

It is a known fact that with tolerances in brake shoe and drum lining dimensions, the mated pair does not always conform properly to the brake drum. In many cases, the results can lead to different types of brake failure.

The Solution

C.M. Brake Inc. is excited to announce the introduction of our TRU-FIT GRIND PROCESS into our product offering. The process involves riveting an oversized brake lining to a NEW brake shoe, and consequently ground to the radius of the brake drum. This is performed on equipment designed by and exclusive to C.M. Brake Inc. The result is a finished brake shoe with tight dimensional tolerances that virtually allows for 95% - 100% contact with the drum at the first brake apply*. By having a “true fit” at the initial stages of braking, the result is:

  • Up to 25% increase in brake life
  • Abatement of noise associated with poor contact
  • Reduction of hot spotting in the drum
  • Elimination of lining burnout caused by less than full lining surface area making contact with the drum during burnishing period
  • Brakes run cooler and improve drum compatibility

There is no other marketed product available with the attributes of TRU-FIT brake shoes. They are available in ten (10) formulas, designed for all types of applications.

And that’s not all. Even with the added value, TRU-FIT brake shoes are competitively priced against brake shoes with conventionally ground brake lining.

* - in conjunction with new drums


Standard Brake


Tru-Fit Brake