C.M. Brake Inc., formerly called Canadian Metallic Brake, was originally established in 1979 in Concord‚ Ontario. The company went through several stages throughout the years and reformed in 2004 with the original owners and R&D staff. Our primary goal was to provide the best brake friction material possible designed to meet or exceed today’s demand for performance, quality and price.

Whether it's stopping a speeding bullet or a speeding truck, the fact remains that materials required must have exceptional strength and durability. We were one of the first to recognize that technology like the aramid fiber developed for items such as bulletproof vests could also be applied to brake friction material. Now, combining that established and proven know-how with today's technology we are delivering a range of products for every application, no matter how light or severe that might be. Our strength is being able to work with and understand our customers' needs, and being able to adjust and adapt our compounds to meet or exceed specific customer requirements.

All lining compounds have been developed and tested in-house with dynamometer testing performed at independent testing laboratories. All our products are manufactured under the most stringent quality control methods available today.

Brake friction materials are designed composite formulas with ingredients selected for their exacting characteristics. We have been able to utilize the high tech raw materials available to industry today, to enhance flexural and tensile strengths, maximize heat and impact resistance and reduce abrasion.

More now than ever, we are able to offer brake linings with superior lining to drum compatibility, noise dampening characteristics, longevity and structural integrity, all at competitive prices!

Our product line is color coded for ease of identification and ordering purposes. Non-standard products have and will be available for specific applications and we look forward to meeting our customer's exact needs in these unique and job specific applications.

C.M. Brake Inc. has always strived to assist our customers in reducing or eliminating vehicle downtime and expensive maintenance costs. We are very aware that these costs far out-weigh the cost of the brake components. With our products extending the brake life, these costs are significantly reduced.